Adams kicked off his solo efforts in 1999, embarking upon an instrumental rock career but by 2002, he had joined forces with John and Geoff Whitbread, described by Adams as “two brothers with phenomenal talent.” John’s vocal technique and Geoff’s drumming skills meshed marvelously with Adams’ guitar playing. These musicians, perfectly in sync with each other, found themselves moving in a more traditional “song-based” direction.

“I still write both instrumental and vocal pieces,” says Adams. His solo career is still going strong; he has three singers and a number of instrumentalists at his disposal for recording and for live shows. The music continues to be guitar-based with a focus on guitar virtuosity. Adams’ previous albums include “Back to Jerusalem,” “One Solitary Chair,” “In Through the Soundhole,” “On the Rock,” “Streams from Bethel,” “Out of the Silence,” “Variations on a Theme,” “Requiem for a Mountain,” “House of Dreams,” “So Far,” “Sozo” and “I Was an Island.”

Adams has appeared on the main stage at the H3 festival three years in a row and several of his songs have achieved number one status on a number of web sites, including and

But music isn’t the only product of Adams’ hard work. “One thing my solo career has produced is my partner and two children,” he says. “You never know where the music is going to take you. . Born in High Wycome England, April 1964. The musicical influence started early in Chris's life as his father was a musician and took chris along to rehearsals at the Rick Wakeman studios in High Wycombe where bands like The Who and Yes used to rehearse.

Chris's first instrument was the drums at the early age of 8. He didn't start guitar til 12. Chris had a great ear and could hear a tune just once and then play it back. Chris received an award for outstanding achievement in music when he left school in 1980. Working and recording in the boiler house studios during the eighties and being a friend of Wal who had his workshop upstairs where they make the infamous Wal bass guitar. Wal made guitars for many a star including Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Rick Wakeman in fact so many it would make a book in itself.